Wellness, Fundraising, and Design with Lex Oiller, CEO of Billbox

On episode 12 of the Founders Forward Podcast we are joined by Lex Oiler, CEO and Founder of Billbox. Billbox is “reversing the debt cycle by making it easier for patients to pay medical bills- while improving their credit score.” Lex took the idea for Billbox, started the company, and raised capital all within a few months (with a product launch slated for early 2021). Before starting Billbox, Lex was a product designer at Mixmax. On top of her journey from designer to founder, Lex is a holistic health coach. We talk everything from wellness to design to crowdfunding.

Our CEO, Mike Preuss, had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lex. You can give the full episode a listen below (or in any of your favorite podcast apps).

What You Can Expect to Learn from Lex:

  • How Billbox went from an idea to VC funded in 6 months
  • Why Lex used crowdfunding to raise for Billbox
  • The role design plays in company building
  • How to solicit feedback from customers and users
  • How Lex thinks about health as a founder

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